Wine Social Media Ideas and Inspiration – April 2015

April is time of SPRING, April Fool’s, Easter, and out-of-stater’s  THINKING ABOUT VISITING WINE COUNTRY

We hope some of these ideas can inspire you when developing posts (or a series of multi-day posts) for your social media outlets like Facebook / Twitter etc.

EASTER is upon us

EASTER is upon us – April 5th – get your posts out there!
- Your wines that work best with Easter / Passover meals
- Pics of any Easter activities at the winery
- Pic of your wine in Easter basket
- Pic of rabbits in vineyard (from years past?) Photo shop in the Easter Bunny


  • Spring releases
  • New animals/birds spotted in vineyard (pic)
  • (pic) New buds / vine growth
  • (pic) Spring vineyard work / cleanup / plantings
  • (pic) Ladscaping work around facilities & tasting room
  • (pic) Spring outfits on tasting room staff
  • (pic) Fog on the breath of workers in fields
  • Frost watch
  • Any anti-frost equipment deployed
  • Club spring shipment prep or cleanup (pics)
  • CA drought / snowpack preports & news – search Google news


  • Shadow and document one worker around facilities /  tasting room /  fields / sales calls to restaurants / etc, for a week or more.
  • Take a “Trip Down Your Wine Road” where you post something about each of the wineries in your local or on your wine trail. 1-3 wineries a day, for a week. As if you were tasting your way through
  • Questions from fans/followers and their answers. On a particular day (Tuesday?)
  • Interview (by phone) a Somm that picked your wine, and make into multi-post series. Have Somm email in a photo or two to use (of them, of dining room)
  • Preparations leading up to a big tradeshow or on-site winery event


  • All the posts to your blog
  • All events coming up
    • prep for / cleanup after / tired staff
  • Favorite line / scene from wine related movie
  • Tasting room funny #Overheard – a funny situation witnessed in the tasting room or on tour (no names obviously!)
  • What other winemaker or producer or grower that came to dinner last night
  • What wines you’re drinking / buying now
  • (pic) of any trade catalog that just came (equipment, rootstock, bottles)
  • A little something about your sister AVA
  • #WineWednesday  #WineFriday #WineoClock
  • Wine postcards on Facebook, Pinterest (use sparingly, only the best)
  • “Family” winemakers – any faimly milestone (wedding, birth, anniversary, graduation)

RESEARCHING for More Wine Social Media Ideas

For more ideas, check these, or contact us. If you need help generating content or managing your social media channels while you are busy running a winery, just let us know.

  • Stories on
  • Ask your followers what they’d like to know more of, and what questions they would have for next week’s Q&A
  • Trends in Twitter, lower left of home feed:
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