9 Tips for Marketing Wine in Social Media

Marketing Wine in Social Media is not hard, but…

Marketing Wine in Social Media can be time consuming, and the payoff may seem nebulous at times. But Social Media is one of the first places people look when considering your brand. And by people we mean more than consumers – we mean distribution partners, restaurants, tasting events, and more. So, a wine producer needs to be smart about it.  Assuming there are limited social media management resources, try to follow the following process and tips, and Just Do It!

  1. pick a few few social media networks to focus on – don’t try to be everywhere for everyone.
  2. use a dashboard and posting tool to schedule regular content delivery and to monitor for items that need your reply
  3. reply to mentions “fast” – the definition of fast being the amount of time relevant to a particular network
  4. post creative, funny content, or content in keeping with the personality of your wine brand
  5. think “experience” as much as “product” and post about that, as well as lifestyle. Promote the experience that your wine delivers.
  6. involve whole team. Ask everyone to contribute ideas to a central shared document (or pad of paper!), interview different staff about their positions, and take shareable photos about everyone’s jobs for that ‘behind the scenes’ look.
  7. photos photos photos! Sunsets in vineyard, new buds, grafting, pruning, pressing, sorting, everything! And people too. Photos are worth a thousand words (and twitter only allows 140 characters, so you can really pack it in!). Sorry, no photos of winemaker dinners if they were hosted at a reseller restaurant.
  8. use guest posts & re-posts to your advantage
  9. go beyond your brand for posts/content when at tasting events. Post for the hosts, partners, et al, and ask them to reciprocate. (provided they’re not resellers or retailers, or other violations of license law)

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