Selling wine online with Facebook

To Faceboook or not to Facebook?

For selling wine online, and DTC, the debate rages on the ROI of Facebook.

It’s just a checkbox, but an important one – the winery Facebook page.

Get a Facebook page and fill it with 500-1000 likes. First pass is just a page with X number of likes. Most are afraid to start on that because they feel they need to babysit the page and be ‘cool’. Well, you don’t.

What can you post? ANYthing! Like, wow, just anything. The more unusual the better.

The winery dog, cat, lama, whatever

The harvest, the racking, the sorting, the botteling, or any part of the process

The budding, the pruning, the leaves changing color, the sunset the sunrise.

The tractor, the bins, the washing of the tanks.

Your ‘organic’ or bio-conscious choices like cover crops, good bugs, etc.

Run a contest to identify some winemaking part (close up photo).

Setup your FB page to accept uploaded photos from your mobile phone’s camera so you can post easily while on the job.


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